A Tribe Called Red. – R.E.D Ft. Yasiin Bey, Narcy, Black Bear (Official Audio)

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Tour Dates:
Nov 23 Kelowna, BC | Sapphire
Nov 24 Nelson, BC | Bloom Nightclub
Nov 25 Calgary, AB | Flames Central
Nov 26 Edmonton, AB | Union Hall
Dec 01 Saskatoon, SK | O’Brians
Dec 03 Winnipeg, MB | The Garrick Centre Centre
Dec 06 Minneapolis, MN | Skyway Theatre
Dec 07 Chicago, IL | Lincoln Hall
Dec 08 London, ON | London Music Hall
Dec 09 Toronto, ON | The Phoenix Concert Theatre
Dec 14 Kingston, ON | Stages Night Club
Dec 15 Montreal, QC | Corona
Dec 16 Peterborough, ON | The Red Dog

We are the Halluci Nation
Our DNA is of earth and sky

(Yasiin Bey)
True and Living by the G Code
What the fuck is fleek though?
Don’t ask them, what do he know?
What I forgot is better than whatever they remember
Nevermind, I’m off it, it’s quiet for ’em
Time to put the Temper Tantrums to the quiet cornerHUSH
that’s enough said the Ruler, no suckas allowed to break bread or asunder 
The Daylight, Lighting and The Thunder
Sun Moon and Stars and the Hunger
Abundance in Bundles
Lessons and Troubles
Towers and Tunnels, Views and Valleys, Waves and Peaks
What’s streets you from son? PLANET EARTH
And Ain’t scared of no Mars Attacks, What type of bars is that?
Stay off my Jack
Out their corny riot garments, top 5 Dylonin’ em
Superfly, slicker Top Rope, Eagle Divin’ on em
You Why you lyin’ homie? You won’t play with my emotions smokey
Big Chief, Heart Rate, Big Beat, B E Y Yasiin, Straight Jacket Come Clean
B.I.G. Said it was a Dream, now its’ a living thing,
we true and Living Kings

Ameen and Ameen
Ameen and Ameen
Yasiin and Yassin And The R.E.D.
Ameen and Ameen
Original Nation
Ameen and Ameen
Straight Jacket Come Clean
Yasiin and Yassin And The R.E.D.
Original Nation
True and Living you know we’re True and Living

R.E.D. (A Tribe Called)
R.E.D. (A Tribe Called)
R.E.D. (A Tribe Called)
R.E.D. (A Tribe Called)

Emergency on Planet Earth
The Currency is murder, you a man of worth?
They say The Day is coming, 
Drumming that you can’t reverse
Watch the Banner Burn, 
Before the Cannons Burst!
Don’t chase an illusion, the Nation Halluci
Hallelujah! A taste of the future,
The People, The Shower, The Pistol, 
The Coward that’s racing to shoot ya’
Lonely Martyrs
Magic Carpet Dirty Blankets 
Coca-Cola, Soul Controller, Holy Waters. 
Middle East Mode, Sandglorious….
Cheat Code in Babylonian, The Orient? (huh)
My superhero got the people power
Yasiin and Yassin, You Should Heed The Hour
(We True and Living Kings)

Ameen and Ameen
Ameen and Ameen
Yasiin and Yassin And The R.E.D.
Ameen and Ameen
Original Nation
Ameen and Ameen
Straight Jacket Come Clean
Yasiin and Yassin And The R.E.D.
Original Nation
True and Living

————–A Tribe Called Red————-
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————–Yasiin Bey————-
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Website: http://www.wearethemedium.com/narcy/
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Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/narcynarce/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Narcicyst

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