Boonaa Mohammed – How to be a Slave

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How to be a slave
Back in the day they say that I came from slaves,
As though being a slave is something that would make me ashamed
Touché, homie, you would actually be amazed,
To know that we are all slaves, but in what kind of way
I mean, some people submit to cigarettes, smoking 5 times a day
And some people worship money, only to see it go away
Some people put their faith in whatever the weather man say
And some people even pray to the sun,
But I wonder who created the sun anyways?
Some people may tell you that life has no purpose
But some people are like pennies, two face and almost worthless
It’s like a gift and a curse that hurts even in between
But even through curses you can find gifts of hidden mercy
From the only one worthy of our serving and fear
Doing any and everything for the chance just to come near
So those slaves are always working, doing the same routines
Over and over again you would think they were machines
Fuelled by a gasoline that you wish you could see
Cause it’s a long journey to A Sirat al-Mustaqim
But becoming a slave is the only way you will ever become free
This world is a prison house; and I’m just serving my time like a G
Locked up in solitaire, what can my enemies to do me?
Paradise is in the heart and servitude is all that I seek
From a place where materialism has become a new religion
Where we always want more before we remember what we were given
Where your children are not safe from the lies on TV
Where role models pop bottles and pose nude for magazines
Welcome to the Dunya, where things are not always what they seem
And your reality is more just like a really long dream,
More like a traveller stopping for shade under a tree,
More like a commercial break and you already forgot what you were watching,
Silly rabbit, every soul shall have its taste of death
And to Allah you will be brought right back
How man gets and forgets while he gives and forgives
Yes everyone will die, but not everyone truly lives
On their hands and knees, to the sky begging please
Do what is worthy of Thee; and not what is worthy of me
Ar-Rahmaanir-Rahiim, Maaliki Yawmid-Diin;
If not for your blessings than we would have nothing
So I feel no ways calling myself your slave
No matter what they say, to you alone I pray
The Greatest, Creator, Accounter and Judge,
The Most Holy King who sees all from above
The Wisest, Protector, Majestic, Avenger
The Light and the Guide, Forgiving and Kind
The Giver of Honour, Blessings and Peace
The First and the Last, the Truth, Ever Living
What kind of fool would not want to give him all of their love?
Why be a slave to this world when you could be Abdullah
Ya Allah

I’ma slave for you
I won’t deny it; I’m not trying to hide it
From these worldly tyrants, and these dunya pirates
Please make your slaves united, delighted and excited
Cause all good is provided, for the rightly guided
And if you’re undecided, don’t think you ain’t invited
Because yes I am a slave but no I’m not alone
There are billions of us; you should join our happy home
And bear witness, to the one true throne
Strip your ego down, leave your arrogance at the door
And surrender yourselves to the one true king
May we all remain slaves until we return back to him
Subhan Allah wa bi Hamdihi, Subhan Allah al-`Atheem
Wa-Alhumduallahie Rabbil-alim

Directed / Edited by: Bryan LaPointe
[email protected]

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