Chloe x Halle – Drop

Chloe x Halle’s debut EP ‘Sugar Symphony’ featuring “Drop” is out now!

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Baby i get sick of you
You’re that same ole tune
i don’t ever wanna hear you again

Why are you what i like to skip?
Wanna be deaf to it
Can I turn my ears off?

But time stops
When your beat drops
It’s too strong, strong, strong
Time stops
when your beat drops
turn it off, off, off

Baby i hate listening
You drive me so crazy
But can you please play that again

You know you’re not what i want to sing
But you’re the only thing
That’s playing in my head, my head, my head

Time stops (time stops)
When your beat drops (beat drops)
It’s too strong, strong, strong
but time stops (time stops)
when your beat drops (beat drops)
turn it off, off, off

When that beat drops, it shatters
Glass ceilings, i’m in my feelings
Adrenaline be thrillin
Shards cut deep when you play
Shards cut deep when you stray
Vibrations move those mountains
Chaos flow like fountains

When i don’t hear you i need it
When i do hear you i’m bleeding
There’s no in between between it
There’s no middle
Icing but no filling

It’s a love and war with radio
Stop it, stop it
It’s a love and war with radio
But i feel it, feel it

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