DJ Quik – Pitch In On a Party

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Jingle jingle
We’ve go the lingo
With so much heat it’s hard for us to pick the first single
It don’t matter cuz I’m underground anyway
Rich balling, bitch call and fly any day
You dirty niggas y’all too whack to dance
Y’all need to ease up offthat now before y’all splint y’all pants
And leave that up to my niggas, young fly niggas
Getting down you and I niggas dont try niggas
I changed my mind I don’t want your bitch
Cuz sorry ass women just don’t get rich
You could keep her
I’d rather have afifi bag because it’s cheaper
You can’t come up for NL
I gets deeper
And my hold is so cold, it’s a sleeper
So pass the reefer
And to you false balling niggas just grab your crotches
But if you paid nigga pat your pockets

And for sure
You’ve got yours
I’ve got mine’s and we’re balling
So call up everybody
Let’s pitch in ona party for sure

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