Eric Zuley Interviews Rampage Jackson aka Mr. T UFC Fighter supporting kids

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First and foremost I would like to thank God by his many names and different religious  understandings for making it possible for us to do the work were doing.  Id 
also like  to extend my appreciation to the community  of South Central Los Angeles, the community  that I was both born and raised in.  Here in the innercity 
community weve faced so many changes and challenges but despite struggle weve grown so much. I am happy to be one  of the young men  who came from this 
community and to now have the opportunity to reach out and impact the world is a blessing I want to thank my family my mother and father brothers and sisters
community and to now have the opportunity to reach out and impact the world is a blessing. I want to thank my family,  my mother and father, brothers and sisters 
and especially my wife who helped me grow into a servant for the people on a higher level.  I also want to thank the young men and women of my community  that have
helped  to shape me and the organization that were building  into what it is today. Weve been confronted by so many challenges in our community. From being a gang 
troubled area to an area that is now growing and striving to be one of beauty and unity. We have  seen transformation in the makeup of our community. From one that 
was predominantly  AfricanAmerican to a well diverse neighborhood of both AfricanAmerican and people of Latin decent. We have seen our schools and children 
progress. From previous visions of no hope to now seeing  themselves in college as leaders, teachers and educators making their own impact in the world. I am 
welcoming change and we ask that the community  welcomes change as well.

Eric Zuley interviews Rampage Jackson Supporting kids with diabetes

Heavy Weight Title holder guy known as “Rampage Jackson” his real
name is Quinton Ramone Jackson, he is an American mixed martial artist as well as an actor. In the USA he is know for the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC). He beat out another light heavy
weight holder Dan Henderson in 2008.
Not only foes he fight for the heavyweight championships, he also appeared
as a coach for the reality series “The Ultimate Fighter” it’s the
opposite of Rashad Evans. They were schedule to fight at UFC 107,
at the end they canceled the fight, due to Rampage Jackson’s movie
role character is B. B. Baracus for the movie ” The A-Team” feature film.
In early days of his career, Rampage Jackson had his first ever match
of the sport as a wrestler for Raleigh Egypt High School, that lead him into a successful career after the All-State Honors. In March of 2010,
Dana White had announced that Rampage Jacskon signed a new six-fight contract with the UFC.
Some of the awards he won including, in 2003, he won the pride fighting championships for middleweight grand pix Runner up. In 2007 he won most outstanding fighter and fighter of the year award.
Tags: Rampage Jackson, Quinton Ramone Jackson, American,
mixed martial artist, actor Ultimate Fighting Championship, UFC,
Dan Henderson, coach, THE Ultimate Fighter, Rashad Evans, B.B.
Baracus, The A- Team, All –State Honors

Written and Credit to Susan Hu

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