“EZway Broadcasting gets it right again”
EZway Broadcasting’s recent Stoptour event, at Busby’s in Los Angeles, met with rave reviews, achieving it’s said goal of uniting a conglomerate of Sponsors, Community Leaders, Entertainment Industry Heads, Actors, Actresses, Performers and Corporate Hierarchy, for the target cause, that is Bullying, and Cyber Bullying!
This kick-off event included: a 25 foot Red Carpet, dawned by celebrities, live Performances, Speakers, Charitable networking, and an Auction. Busby’s was near capacity as the few hundred supporters who came throughout the evening included a multitude of Charities uniting for this common cause. And of course, the turnout exceeded expectations.
Bullying and Cyber Bullying has become a cultural and international problem. Eric Zuley and EZ Way Broadcasting hosted this prestigious event to start the local push towards national awareness, by which at its peak will reach a global audience. A push towards legislation is the focus of this campaign.
Attendees included but were not limited to: Adrian Paul from the Highlander television series & founder of The Peace Fund Charity. Christine Devine of Fox 11 News, Maria Melton who is the Director of the Children’s Fund of Los Angeles, Summer Helene, Executive Vice President of California Pictures, and Steve Istock Formally with Meryl Lynch and now the President of California Pictures. Doc Jones owner of 504 Multimedia which owns 310 Magazine distributed Roscoes Chicken & Waffles distributed by the ladder was in attendance.
Also, 30 time Film Composer Scott Haskin, Ryan Brown of Music That Pays’ magazine, which reaches twenty different cities around the United States. Robert Sun who is the President of the American Chinese CEO Society, HenGee from The Hype Magazine, Writer Dev Ross of the Land Before Time’ notoriety and son Jessie Reynolds. Bright, founder of Brightlife music sponsored and supported by attending.
Actors: MTV’s Monty Geer, Tai Urban, Ronnie Alvarez, Sean McNabb, MTV and VH1’s Farrah Abram and MTV and Bet’s Sam Sarpong, to name a few. Actresses included: Reatha Grey who works with Betty White. Also, Carla Perez star of the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers’ original television series. Some of the sponsors included: Fox Tribune, California Pictures, Warren Moons Sports1Marketing, The Hype Magazine Urbn 24/7, Cyber Space Media TV, Akyumen Tech, Watering Seeds, G Blok Fox Tribune, Brightlife Music, and FanTV. Music That Pays sponsored this event pretty dedicating half of their magazine to the STOP TOUR.
EZ Way Broadcasting proved once again, it is a leader in the advancement of Brands, Charities, Social Media, and the dreams, of future entrepreneurs. This was the inaugural event in the Stop tour’s quest to unite this nation for the cause of bullying to never be above reproach. I implore all to stay tuned for the next Stop tour event and help abolish the crisis that is bullying. Written by: Dante Obligacion

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