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“When your done doing it the Hard Way, Do it The EZ Way”


EZ WAY PROMOTIONS is a full service Digital Promotion phenomenon. Offering the newest cutting edge expertise in Exposure, while possessing the highest acuity required to launch your Brand into the global elite.

EWP offers services others simply can’t. For instance, enhancing your visibility while maintaining your following. We refrain from Bots, Inactive Accounts, or any deception or subterfuge. We only offer authentic proven techniques.

We have an in-house Web TV Network with over 1,500,000 views, on WTVNETWORKS.COM. YouTube channel has over 13,000,000 views. It was formally one of Akon Konvict Muzik’s in-house Media vehicles. Our in-house Podcast Radio Station is called EZ WAY BROADCASTING, and ranks in the top 100 Stations on Blog Talk Radio, with over 1.2 million members.

Our Podcasts, syndicate to I-TUNES, STITCHER, and Serious Radio, G BLOK FOX TRIBUNE, FVM GLOBAL MAG, 310 Mag, PRESS PASS LA, over 150 blogs and You Tube Channels. We offer in-house Print Magazines such as, Music That Pays, 310 Magazine, Backstage Access Magazine, Actors Entertainment Magazine, and Wim Magazine as well as our own in-hose mobile application with 5 k downloaded subscribers. We also offer in-house Production Equipment, such as a (NIKON D5100) Light, and a Cordless Sennheiser Microphone with (Flag) displaying eZWay/WTV Networks.

Our Client Base ranges from: Record Labels, Motion Picture Studio’s, and Non Profits, to Technology Corporations, CEO’s, and world renowned Motivational Speakers. Also, Top Financial Advisors, Hollywood Actors and Actresses, Recording Artists, Apparel Manufacturers, Designers, and much more.

We specialize in Content Creation and Development, which will launch your Brand and Image on the Web, into the stratosphere! The bottom line is: Having substantial strength on the web when prospective clients research you, CLOSES MORE DEALS!

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