Kokane – My World feat. Sugar Free – [Official Music Video]

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Kokane is an artist of many talents! He recently teamed up w/ his wife Alicia Long whom is the Vice President Of Bud E Boy Ent to put together a project that is best fitting for Valentines. The new album is called “Lady Kokane Presents: Kokane Love Songs” it drops February 10, 2015 Valentines Day Week. This album reintroduces a sound taken from the elements of 70’s, 80’s, & 90’s R&B Soul Music. Kokane definitely reached back into his fathers (Jerry B. Long Sr.) roots, whom was a great writer & composer of Motown in the 60’s. So sit back & enjoy the ride & warning this sh*t is some baby making music! R&B for gangsta’s & the Ladies. Visit www.budeboyent.com to grab the whole Kokane collection. Also available on Kokane’s “The Legend Continues”

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