Kokane Presents – The 90’s Preview – Episode 1

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Kokane present “THE PREVIEW” Episode 1 (The 90’s)
Kokane takes you on a short journey back in time, highlighting some of his Music and Family history, in the Golden era of the 90’s, deemed; “The Dawn Of Gangsta Rap” & birth of G-Funk. Here’s a glimpse of Kokane’s “THE PREVIEW”, which will be televised with 3 episodes.

1st episode is called “THE 90’s”.

2nd Episode is called “The 2ks”, which will be released shortly after.

Last episode is called “Bud E Boy ENT”.

Make sure you visit budeboyent.com online store and purchase Koka’s new double – album, “King Of Gfunk” & order the #kokanecollection

Quote from KOKANE: Stay Original & Do you, God Bless.

Video edited by Najee Long

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