A film by Danielle Payne and Lyall Moloney for the song Pot Of Gold featuring the badass MFKR Dylan Frost.

“Inspired by the film Spirited Away directed by Hayao Miyasaki. Einstein said you don’t understand something unless you can explain it to a child, RIP studio Ghibly. Thankyou for providing such an elevated contrast to Disney. Like the film, this song is about the defeat of greed and the elevation of innocent love. Dylan is the best singer i’ve ever heard, you should sing every song bra, save the world its ears.” L¥MØ

Produced and performed by Lyall Moloney, guest vocals by Dylan Frost, keys by Freddy Crabs.

Special thanks to Dizza, Neal Hunt, Nadia Chrisnadia, Kevin Mullooly, Freddy Crabs, Ian Pritchett, and err cat who got our backs.

.Pot of gold lyrics
I don’t even need it, what you’ve gone given.
Take your pot of gold no face, no face.

Life is good at throwing dirt on your lens,
I had to take the plank from my eye to see the trends.
And I saw there was a time when, money wasn’t the only only
I know that she on time and, I know that I’m gonna hold her closely.
Cos that has never changed, she always been an angel
but now theres an exchange.
Sometimes I feel thats where we all went wrong,
we crush the known guise of a broken home.
Love is in no way a beautiful throne,
so just lie to me baby like its all we ever known.
Nothing to see here just the crushing of a soul
down into a powder we then go sell as gold.

Stop, said the white faced terrorist.
Fuck, the only lonely man is blessin us.
With a truth but not much trust, takin to the level above.
takin like 7 g’s, takin like honey from bees and
All you touch n all you see, is not all your life will ever be.
All you can give, learn, fathom or need,
starts from a place within don’t you see.
We be the one you want, and one you never had.
I seen it all before laid under fashions hat.
Cos the music be the beauty, the beat be betters choosing,
and the bass will throw from Paddy to the ears of all you cruising.
So dance, like the end is badly coming,
Cum, cos life is special in bed and
Drum, like killer ima drummin, ima somewhere
between Mick Jagger and King Solomon.

I don’t even need it, what you’ve gone given.
Take your pot of gold no face, no face.

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