Misguided Behavior Trailer #1

The truth can hurt sometimes…but not even death can keep a secret.
The life of a young cop on the rise at his precinct takes a dramatic turn when his female partner gets into an accident, taking with her a secret that would affect both their families forever. Fifteen years later we meet his son Kevin who on the surface is a seemingly typical teenage. Through Kevin’s eyes, we are taken on an emotional roller coaster ride as we discover what lies beneath as he tries to cope with being teased, tormented, taunted and dismissed by his so called “friends” on a daily basis, to ultimately being confronted with the paralyzing truth about his real family. This unexpected journey comes to an end and while the truth can hurt sometimes, not even death can keep a secret.

A Studio 11 Films, Monaco Group and A Free World Production starring Khalil Kain, Clifton Powell, Carl Payne, Doris Morgado, Mindless Behavior (Princeton, EJ & Mike), Samson Logan & Malek Payne. Produced by Sharon Tomlinson & Samson Logan. Directed by Carl Payne
www.studio11films.com and www.misguidedbehavior.com

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