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Ive added this page for the independant Artists that are realy working hard to make a success of there music,and gain more real popularity,if you ask others to submit your mixtapes most times there gonna charge a fee ,but this section hear will give you a great  head start ,Good Luck Ceo Lvs.

I’ve compiled a list of 24 popular mixtape websites that you want to submit your mixtape to. These 24 mixtape websites have a combined visitor traffic totally over 5.2 million a month looking to download mixtapes! These visitors are seeking mixtapes to download and listen to. These websites are a must to submit your mixtape to and best of all a majority of them are free. If your on the verge of completing your mixtape here’s a good list of site you can submit it to. I’ll go in order of popularity.

1. DatPiff.com – DatPiff.com is the most popular mix tape sites of all. You must first register to submit your mix tape. Great site to submit to as they have a rating system and download counter for how many times your mix tape has been downloaded. You can do so here

2. HipHopDX.com – This site offers a lot of different aspects from album reviews and more. They have a community and a whole list of other categories like news, fashion and music. Have to contact them for instructions on how to submit your mixtape.

3. MixtapeTorrent.com – Another big mixtape site that is making a name in the mixtape community. They have videos, news, new mixtapes and a load of different categories for their customers to choose. Be sure to join their community of over 100,000 members. You will Have to contact them about how to submit your mixtape.

4. Livemixtapes.com – Nice mixtape site. Free to sign up. Contact [email protected] about submitting your mixtape to this site.

5. Tbohiphop.net – Great mixtape site with news and forums and a lot of the hottest mixtapes in hip hop today. All you have to do is fill out form to submit your mixtape.

6. Buymixtapes.com – Great mixtape site where you can also become a member. They have old mixtapes as well as new releases. This is a mixtape download site. You have to contact to submit your mixtape.

7. Mixunit.com – Another huge mixtape site that has been doing it big for a number of years. They have a nice category of products from DVDs, clothes to clearances on great products. Has a loyal base of customers. To submit your mixtape you have to contact ([email protected])

8. Mixtapekings.com – This site has album reviews, blogs and a lot of other stuff you definitely should check out. You can always see who has the hottest mixtape because they put the top 5-7 mixtapes on the home page.

9. Mixtapepass.com – This is another mixtape download site. Set up account to submit mixtape and music. System compatible with mp3 downloads and IPod.

10. Thatcrack.com – That Crack is one of the biggest mixtape sites on the net. They have a lot of the hottest mixtapes out right now and it is a go to sight amongst the mixtape community. If you want to submit your mixtape you have to get approved.?They have blogs and tons of up to date hip hop news also. (Thatcrack.com/psubmit.html) Email first to be approved at [email protected]

11. Hiphopthugz.com – Nice stuff like free mixtapes, hip hop news and mp3 downloads make this a definite for promoting your mixtape. For submitting your mixtape, just fill out the form on their page.

12. Hiphoplead.com – Great place for you to promote your mixtape. You can also request a interview or album review here with this mixtape site. (hiphoplead.com/contact/)

13. Mixtapewall.com – This is great mixtape site for people to take notice of your mixtape. This is a unique site because it only Accepts and showcases Mixtape Covers. All you have to do is submit your cover by form online. They make sure to point out that only the Top Notch covers will be approved.

14. Mixtapemurder.com – Another great site with a boat load of categories that compliment anybody interested in the mixtape circuit. Has some of the hottest mixtapes around today. To submit your mixtape you have to contact ([email protected])

15. 247mixtapes.com – Nice site for anyone interested in the mixtape game. They have some of the hottest mixtapes from RnB to Rap to instrumentals, you have to contact about submitting.

16. Mixlayer.com – This site is a up and coming site with a nice selection of mixtapes that contend with some of the online giants how ever I don’t think the catalogue is that big. They keep tracks of how many hits their mixtapes receive which is a good thing to know. You can submit mixtape by form here.

17. Mixtapemonster.com – This is a nice mixtape site with over 12,000 active members. They have an online community too where you can promote your music. Email them to find out how you submit your mixtape.

18. Mixtapeusa.com – Great mixtape site that sales mixtapes for around $5.99.?Their cds come straight from the Dj’s so they pride their selves in having the real deal and not “Bootlegs” Have to contact [email protected] for instructions on submitting your mixtape.

19. Mixtaperadio.net – This site has charges members a monthly fee to download all the hottest mixtapes. They also stream mixtapes 24/7. Have to contact about submitting.
20. Mixtapeman.net – Another great mixtape site. A lot of top notch Mixtape Dj’s use this site also. For submitting mixtapes type “Submit Mixtape” in subject line to [email protected] for instructions on how to submit your music.

21. Downtownhiphop.com – This is another interesting mixtape site because it has members who have unlimited downloads for new mixtapes. Have to contact them to request a mixtape submission.

22. Moremixtapes.com – Great mixtape site with a lot of categories for those interested In the mixtape game. You can get info on how to submit your mixtape at moremixtapes.com/submitmixtapes.html

23. Dynamicmixtapes.com – Great site with a lot of different categories that support the mixtape circuit. You can submit your mixtape through form. They also will review your mixtape and set up a profile for you with pics etc.

24. Mixtapecompound.com – This is another great site with tons of categories. You can submit your mixtape to [email protected] for approval or you can also send it thru the mail.

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