Online Video Submission Agreement

Soul Central TV Online Video Submission Agreement


Thank you again for submitting your video to our website for consideration for posting. This

Agreement will confirm the rights and responsibilities that you and Soul Central TV have with

regard to the video.


By submitting the video, you hereby grant Soul Central TV and its parent company, Soul Central TV,

(“Soul Central TV”) the irrevocable right and license to duplicate, broadcast, exhibit, transmit and

exploit the video, or to allow Soul Central TV to grant sublicenses to third parties to duplicate,

broadcast, exhibit, transmit and exploit the video, on the internet, television, mobile platforms

or other media throughout the world.


You agree that Soul Central TV shall not be required to make any payment to you or anyone else in

exercise of the rights granted in this Agreement, and acknowledge that you shall receive valuable

consideration in the form of placement of and promotion of the video.


You represent that you either created the video yourself or have received the legal right and

authority from the person who created the video to grant to Soul Central TV full and unrestricted rights

to the video, and that our exercise of such rights shall not constitute an infringement of any

copyright, civil, personal or property right of any third party. If you are submitting a music

video, you represent that you have full authority, permission and license from all copyright

holders in the visual and musical works you submit to Soul Central TV.


Unless otherwise agreed to in writing, Soul Central TV shall have no obligation to publish or post your

video. For all videos published or posted upon the site, we reserve the right to remove the video

at our discretion and we will give no refunds or compensation.


You hereby agree that you will indemnify Soul Central TV, its officers, employees and agents, from and

against any and all claims, demands, actions, losses, liabilities, costs and expenses arising from

any breach or alleged breach of any term, warranty or condition of this agreement, or from any

claims of infringement or alleged infringement arising from your audio and/or video submission.


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