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Soul Central Magazine Services CURRENT SERVICES:

Soul Central Public Relations Services Department, offers professionally created press releases, feature articles, biographies, pitch sheets and more. Our staff of experienced professionals will translate your news into a format easily searchable and picked up by major media outlets, bloggers and news wire services. We carefully craft your news announcements in a manner which makes it attractive to media outlets looking for content just like yours.

Public Relation Pricing:

Starter $750 Monthly:
Create and distribute your project press release via online news aggregation sites. Includes picture link, audio link and website link provided by you, with 30 guaranteed online placements with the addition of 5 blog placements. (picture link must be to an online photo and audio link must be to an online mp3)

Platinum $1500 Monthly:
Includes all elements of Starter Package, plus 10 blog placements for your press release, 1 featured article placement with Soul Central Magazine which boast more than 210,000 subscribers and 1 international online media outlet. We will create or update your bio, in addition to 2 weeks social media promo.

Featured Client $2500 Monthly:
Featured clients are given 40 hours of work for a 30 day period which provides all of the services in the Platinum Package and includes active pitching to top-tier blogs for interviews, project/product reviews and article placement. Featured clients receive guaranteed placement of a syndicated article with all associated media outlets of Soul Central. Featured clients have their Picture and Bio placed in the “Who Is” section on the home page of Soul Central Magazine official website which receives nearly 1 million views per month. Lastly, Soul Central will endeavor to arrange an on-air interview with our associated talk/music station to introduce your product/project to our global audience.

Specialty Services:

Times Square Electronic Billboard placement, includes an SEO optimized web press release via one of America’s top newswire outlets, 30 day social media campaign and your Project/Album Hi-rez picture played on the New York Times Square Reuter’s Billboard. Times Square receives 1.5 million visitors daily. Client will receive 1 guaranteed play of their selected picture and promo text with proof of play webcam photos date and time stamped. (Call For Pricing) Hi-rez proof of play photo available for an additional fee.

Additional services and packages available at higher rates for US1 Top Tier media news submissions which include servicing your news to each and every media outlet in the United States. We can also service your news via international top-tier press outlets as well for an additional fee.

Consulting Services:

Business Formations – $150.00/hr (starting at)
Press Kits – $500-(starting at)
Legal Document Drafting – $150.00 (starting at)
Business Consulting – $75.00/hr (per hour)
Document and Record Retrieval – $75.00 (per hour)
Phone Consulting – $30.00/hr (per call)
Market Research – $30.00/hr (per call)
Web Design – $1500.00 (starting at)
Business Plan Writing – $1250.00 (starting at)
Company Bylaws – $250.00 (starting at)
Sponsorship Kits – $350 (starting at)
Corporate Identity Package – $1500.00

And much more

Any queries dont hesitate to contact us at [email protected]

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