Shamik- OCEAN (Spoken Word)

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Weathering my life as if it was a storm
As I am torn
Between giving in to the tide like I did before
Reaching the surface til the waves bring me to shore
Looking up through the ocean with a rippled view of birds that soar
Wishing to be that alive while not being able to take it anymore
Helpless like a man in a boat without an oar
The man who sides both sides in the middle of the war
My worth left below yet I am not poor
As the elements rip through me I see a door
Swimming in glimmering light with sweat seeping from my pores
Determined emotions combine to build my force
To trigger the lighthouse in my heart which is the source
Water in my eyes as the image distorts
Momentum necessary thus fading out regrets and remorse
The sand hits my skin since I stayed on course
Through the hindering current and challenges of many sorts.

Tags: shamik ocean equal eyes spoken word hip hop acappella uplifting conscious message indian desi voice vocal deep poem poetry edmonton calgary vancouver canada hip hop

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