Spoken word poem dear black’s

it’s just talking about how we need to come together! keep reading and you will find the words to i!

As I write this, I could care less if you don’t like this… but today it has to be said, NO I AM NOT YOUR FATHER, JUST A HURTING BLACK BROTHER THAT’S BOTHERED. Sick of death getting rich off us, we know the streets better than we know our fathers! Can’t tell you much about Martin Luther King but we know that white guy on a dollar! See money became more important than the rope slaves hung from, now all we do is bop to music and tell everybody.. I’m -on- one.. Who got a loud pack? But who died and made it possible for you to cop that, you should smile when you order from the drive thru, you use to have to order from the back! Nigga this, Nigga that, Nigga please get your mind correct, we see niggas and not brothers, hoes and not mothers, hoods and not homes, SOMEBODY NEED TO TELL THESE KIDS THEY-ARE-NOT-GROWN! Can somebody tell me where I can find a good father for each home? Every man don’t love you sister, I wish you could understand every man ain’t for you sister! You’re worth than you settle for, you birth our future, but you worship a thugged, drugged, ghetto boy! You make fun of smart brothers, tell him to get some thug about yourself then maybe we can be lovers. Then they ask why? Why there’s no good guys left? Because every one you had you put them back on the shelf, will the real men please stand up, will you love your kids and show them, they look better with their pants up! Why are we afraid to smile, young brother just sit down and kick it with me for awhile, no one took the time to raise you right, young brother I know your mind is dark but here– use some of my light, I’m going to show you how to do math, they took black people added drugs that equals death, they trying to divide us and subtract unity until there’s no one left! I’m praying we’re playing dumb and that’s not who we are, blinded by the flashing lights and we’re no movie stars, mug shots, jail recorders, man-we-came to far! Have you ever asked yourself what is the end? Why do me and my enemy share the same color of skin? How can he relate to me but it’s so hard to be friends? We need people who can think outside of the box, we need people who know what time it is and I ain’t even talking about a clock! I hope you hearing me cause some people don’t listen if I ain’t talking about money or popping a glock! I’m talking about life and how this mess needs to stop, 1,2,3 boom another black male in jail, another black male just dropped, just like that, and you wonder why I have to do a poem and name it dear blacks? Cause it’s a fact! Somebody need to– try to reach other people, it’s more to life than we living, how can we protect our future, our women and children, when their protection is either dead or in prison? THINK WILL YOU? It’s no longer white people in sheets, it’s your next door neighbor that will kill you! I have a dream, I can walk home with out getting robbed, we will look down on drug dealers and glorify those who get a job, we will become who we were, so we can stop hating who we are, freedom is at the top and I believe we done climbed to far! Stop settling for gold and– reach for the stars, don’t be ok with walking–DRIVE, don’t be ok with driving– FLY! Better yourself– mind, spirit, and wealth! Go for the best, we- are- kings, beat it in your chest, they- are- Queens, protectors of our nets! Unity is what we need, dear- my -people, this letter is for you- and- me!

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