Vigilante Britain:Street Justice’. Aaron Roach Bridgeman

new documentary is called Vigilante Britain:Street Justice’.

It airs Monday 12th December on 5Star.

The documentary is an ITN Production for Channel5It is presented by Aaron Roach Bridgeman in his follow up to the hard-hitting Channel 5 Documentary One Punch Killers‘.

Vigilante Britain’ examines cases in the UK, where people have taken the law into their own hands.
Aaron investigates further, to understand their motives as well as the complete story to how each of these incidents actually happen and why.

There are some success stories, but there are also some tragic outcomes to their actions.

Aaron attempts to uncover and understand is it ever right to take the law into our own hands?

Aaron Roach Bridgeman

• Presenter • Host • Producer • Mentor  • Facilitator • Poet

Agent: Noel Gay



Twitter: ARoachBridgeman

Facebook: Aaron Roach Bridgeman

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