We Are No Longer Slaves

A poem by Alicia De Anahuac:

We are no longer slaves…my fellow warriors; we must speak up and be the voices for those who can’t be heard.

The voices that have been shut down by the evil European monsters…

It saddens me to see My People being kept down, being treated like foreigners on their Own Land.

We must fight to take it back! This is Our Land! This is Our Continent!

We were here way before those monsters arrived! We have always been here, and they say we are the invaders?

They are the true invaders, invaders of Our Continent. The true thieves and they want us to leave!

“Hell no,” I say! “Hell no!” ” You go! ” “You go!” I will not let any European tell me what to do.

I will not let them brainwash me with their European ways! I will show them I stand tall and think for myself!

I will show them I have no fear, I am here and My People are here to stay! We have the right to be here.

We are Free to walk anywhere on Our Continent. European’s you can not fool me.

I know your evil ways…I will no longer be Your slave.

I am the Warrior you burned! I am the Warrior you raped! I am the Warrior you slain!

I will be the voice for My People who do not have one!

European’s I will not follow Your rules! For I know the Truth, the Truth has set me Free!

I am no longer Your slave…evil European’s; we are no longer Your slaves…

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